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Uk Autofeed Loader shells in Blue and Yellow

Here is a set of Autofeed Paintball Loader shells that arrived today from Fabrice Bertois in France. These Autofeed shells likely date to around 1993-97 and I think I’ve seen these exact colors advertised around 1995. In this video they are shown empty, but I should have internals to fill them.

This Autofeed loader opens on either side and takes standard pod lids as covers.  I quickly look over these shells and talk about the internals that will go inside of them.

Autofeed loader shells with blue and yellow shells.
Autofeed loader shells with blue and yellow shells.

These loaders functions almost identically to a 9 Volt Viewloader from the same period (before the Viewloader revolution).

Find more articles on the Autofeed (there aren’t any right now unfortunately) at:

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