Tim Firpo

Tim at Paintballtek works on a Cyber 9000, 1st paintball marker with a LCD screen

The Cyber 9000 was the first paintball marker to feature a LCD screen. Wath Tim at PaintballTek as he tests one of these markers to see if it will function.

PBDA Episode 5 – Ambush, sock hats, paintball rap

Episode 5 of PBDA (Paul, Benji, Dan and Andre) where we talk about vintage autocockers, listen to Benji's Paintball Rap, and wear sock hats!

Freeflow Lotus Autococker with Race Frame

Tim of Paintballtek dot com looks at a Freeflow Lotus Autococker with a matched Acid Wash anodized Race Frame.

Paintball Tek demonstrates Reverse pump on the Master Blaster

Tim at Paintball Tek shows how the reverse pump action on the Elevator Master Blaster pump paintgun works.

The Firpo Test and Autococker Rams and LPR’s for April 2015

An assortment of Autococker Rams and Low Pressure Regulators including Shocktech, WGP, ANS and Kapp. Also including some info on testing rams.

Shooting a Carterized VM-68 with Paintballtek and Luke

A brief video of Luke and Tim shooting some paint through a Carterized VM-68 a couple weeks back.

Bacci Mountain 2014 Recap!

Some screen captures from videos I recorded this weekend at Bacci Mountain 2014. We had around 20 players and played stock and open class pump.

Hanging with PaintballTek, shooting videos and some rare paintguns

I visited Paintball Tek Dot Com today and we cycled some neat paintguns, filled some tanks and recorded a few videos.

Navarone Autococker with a K-C No Hot Shots Bottomline Female Reg

I've been talking with Dave Kermode recently, who sent me a few of his K-C No Hot Shots Bottomline Regulators which I've mounted on this Navarone Cocker.

Palmer’s Open Bolt Typhoon

Craig Palmer's Open Bolt Typhoon and a video on it from Tim at Paintballtek dot com. This Typhoon Semi Automatic is a neat piece of Palmer's creativity.

A Boston Paintball Reflex Autococker

A Boston Paintball Reflex Kit on a Boston Paintball Express body that I pieced together.

Visiting Glenn Palmer and PPS in July 1990, Paintcheck

Tim Firpo and I visited Glenn and Craig Palmer at Palmer's Pursuit Shop today and talked to Glenn about his paintball history.

SP AA Barrel removed from Jim Anderson’s Bo Peep Automag

Tim Firpo, at Paintballtek.com helped me removed the barrel from the Bo Peep Automag using he technical expertise.

Conclusion of Bacci Mountain 2013 and some lens camo

Wrapping up Bacci Mountain 2013 with Tim Firpo at Paintballtek.com and a photo of some lens camo.

Paintballtek.com’s Confetti Kapp Razorback

Tim at Paintballtek.com showed me his beautiful confetti anodized Kapp Razorback Autococker. I've only seen a couple other Kapp Autocockers in this pattern.

PaintballTek and the JBS King Cobra

Tim Firpo at Paintball Tek talks about the JBS King Cobra, the predecessor to the Invert Mini and Empire Axe.

Marcus Neely’s Guardian

The Guardian was built my Neely Pneumatics after Macrus moved to Florida.

Tim at Paintball Tek dot com on the Navarone Autococker

Tim at Paintball Tek dot com talks about the Navarone Autococker.

Call Tim @ PaintballTek.com (Paintball TEK dot COM)

A satirical commercial that Tim Firpo and I put together for Paintball Tek dot com.

Daystate UK’s pumps(c.1985-1991?)

An incomplete history of the Daystate UK pump paintball markers produced in the mid to late 1980s.