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SP AA Barrel removed from Jim Anderson’s Bo Peep Automag

We’ve been trying to get this barrel out of the Jim Anderson’s Bo Peep Automag for the last week. 

All American barrel removed from Jim Anderson's Automag.
Tim @ Paintball Tek dot com holding the corroded back of an old SP AA barrel.

Several years back I purchased this mag from England where Anderson likely brought this gun on a trip and sold it. 

While in england, since I would guess the early 90s, the nickel has corroded off the Smart Parts aluminum barrel back and arrived in California firmly stuck in the body.

Using various oils for breaking down gunk, rubber clamps (very careful to keep the body perfectly preserved) and other solutions we tried to remove the barrel.
Nothing worked until last night when Tim @ Paintball Tek dot com showed up.

Tim has once again held onto his crown as top tech for any high tech or even low tech job with a quick fix I recorded in a Iphone video that will be uploaded eventually.

Jim Anderson's Bo Peep Mag Body
Jim Anderson’s Bo Peep Mag Body separated from the corroded nickel back of the SP AA barrel.

Tim’s fix didn’t harm the body or the barrel and didn’t cause any additional blisters to our already sore hands. I do need to get the melted rubber glove off the barrel but that will be easy.

Thanks again to Tim at Paintball Tek dot com and if you need a Tech he is definitely your man!

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Left: Tim @ Paintball Tek dot com holding the corroded back of an old SP AA barrel. Right: Jim Anderson's Bo Peep Mag…

Posted by Baccipaintball.com on Monday, July 29, 2013

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  1. Found the video on line. My name is Matt Anderson and that was my dad’s automag. I remember that gun and him letting me shoot in the back yard with it. I couldn’t tell you exactly when he sold it though. Money was tight back then…. Glad to see it is still around. Paintball was my dad’s life for a long time. It is good to see that his memory is being preserved in the sport.


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