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Bacci Mountain 2014 Recap!

Bacci Mountain 2014 Recap!
Our Saturday group at the camping area (yeah I had to do some bad photoshopping to get the background okay).

Finishing up packing in Northern California to be on my way back to Los Angeles tomorrow and took a look through the video and photos from last weekend at Bacci Mountain 2014. All of the shots below (besides the group photo) are screen captures from videos.

Find more photos from Pakalolo here: http://goo.gl/e0Rmne

Saturday group photo
Our Saturday group at the camping area (yeah I had to do some bad photoshopping to get the background okay).

Our Bacci Mountain 2014 open and stock class pump event took place August 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Northern California. We had about 20 people, most arriving on Friday night or Saturday morning and staying through the weekend.

I arrived a week early to start preparing and working on the courses.

getting ready for bacci mountain
Preparing the courses for the weekend of pump play.

We started on saturday with open class pump played on the bottom brush course followed by the more open top junk course.

group walking down the hill
Walking down from the top of the upper course on open class Saturday.

The top course is situated around the top of a hill with our water tank on one side and junk everywhere else. We typically just split to random teams for each game and when possible flip sides or rematch a few games with the same teams. On this course the dangers include Rattle snakes, bees, glass, and sharp pieces of metal.  

Tim, aka Paintball dot com, holding down the bottom South end of the upper course on Saturday.
Tim, aka paintballtek, holding down the bottom South end of the upper course on Saturday.

Tim Firpo of Paintball Tek holding the bottom south edge of the course on saturday with his Palmerized Sniper 2.

Jacob, craig and chirs
Jacob and Craig take out Chris. Vince is in the background.

The top course pretty much focuses on who can hold the top corner “L” of cars.  If you can sweep the top “L” then you can flank the other side easily. In the photo above, Jacob and Craig are rolling around the edge, just after taking out Chris at the corner “Station wagon.”

arlyn with lever sniper and co2 stock
Arlyn show his 12 gram stock on his Lever sniper 2.

Arlyn showing the function of his 12 gram drop out Stock on the top course.  The stock is similar to a lever 12 gram changer but he uses his shoulder to actuate the 12 gram cartridge. I think I recorded this on Saturday?
Find two videos with Arlyn here http://goo.gl/EAuTF3 and here http://goo.gl/jyU688

Ted and Luke
Not that’s a beat! With Ted and Luke.

After playing Saturday we had a decent sized pot luck with various meats and then sat around the campfire as DJ Icon played the hottest beats from his Samsung super phone.

Conor and Pat
Put it on the pizzzzzaaaaaa. And Rock out to the black Knight 2K.

Fire master Pat refilled our Hobo burn barrel and transient Jorge Cervantez rocks out to the sick DJ Icon beats. For some reason DJ Icon mostly played “The Black Knight 2000” over and over and over and over and over…..?

Bacci Mountain Sunday Group
Our Sunday Stock Class Group. Constant Air was allowed but horizontal feed was enforced.

Sunday we had a smaller group with players constantly rotating in and out of play. We started on the upper course and then moved down to the lower course as Pakalolo couldn’t make up his mind about what course to play.

andrew vs craig
The Protegé vs Craig on the lower course during Sunday’s games.

On Sunday the stock games moved really quickly with a lot of action. The bunkers on the lower course are positioned so close that it’s impossible to see an opponent until they are practically on top of you.
One technique / trick shot used on the close quarter combat friendly lower course is the disarm shots which is when you bunker a player from 2 feet away, shoot them in the hand and they drop their paintgun.

jorge and ant linda
ANT Linda and Jorge Cervantez discuss the techniques used on the lower course on Saturday.

Jorge Cervantez modified this trick shot to the close quarter boob shot, tagging ANT Linda from only several feet away.

Vince grey ghost
Vince shows off his grey ghost

I also recorded a few short videos with players.  In the shot above, Vince talks about the course and his ghost.

pat and dave
Pakalolo plus a Photo Bomb from Dave

Pat talked about his new Carter Machine Duck and Dave photo bombs him.

Dave with super stocker
Dave with his sneaky super stocker.

Dave talks about stock and pump play in Sac and his newer Palmer’s Super Stocker.

craig and pyre
Craig talking about and shooting his Pyre

My preferred open class pump of choice for hopper play is my Pyre so I was excited to get Craig (of Palmer’s Pursuit Shop) to talk about the Pyres he’s built in the last 7 or so years.

luke and pyre
Possibly the nicest (and craziest) Pyre in existence.

Luke just picked up his super custom Pyre last month and when we tried to film a shooting video last week my camera crapped out so we recorded another shooting video on the lower course on Sunday.

robbins family
Tina, Jacob, Michael and Robbie Robbins.

Afterwards I talked to Tina, Michael, Jacob and Robbie Robbins about where they play in the Bay Area and their thoughts on the courses.

Thanks to everyone who came and hope to see all of your and other again next year!

Linda, Firpo and Jorge
After Sunday’s festivies ended ANT Linda, Jorge and Firpo recorded a couple safety briefings to be aired before next years games.

On Sunday night ANT Linda recorded a few safety briefings with help from Firpo and Jorge.  Don’t get Drilled with a hot Round!

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