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Marcus Neely’s Guardian

Marcus Neely’s Guardian

Another video I recorded with Firpo ( Paintball Tek ) recently, just a quick cycling video of a paintgun I didn’t even know existed until Rick Howse (Thanks again Rick!) , of Wayne’s World posted the Guardian on facebook and then on mcb a couple months back. 

Find that post here:

The history behind this paintgun is almost as interesting as the pneumatic functioning it uses to cycle. Read the description of the video for more information.

And here is a short video showing the anti chop feature of the Guardian.

Next up I will be editing a Jorge Cervantez video, then some SPEW footage as well as a couple interviews we did with Lori at Palmers Pursuit Shop on the Tornado and early Palmer’s history. 

After that more videos from December (or earlier) and then onto Super Game footage!

 Still have 4 or 5 more packages before I am totally caught up from last week and I think 2 or 3 more from this week.

Thanks for everyone’s patience!

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