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Montneel Z1 Breech Quick Strip

Montneel Z1 serial 11001, left side.
Montneel Z1 serial 11001, left side.

Here is a video I recorded a while back showing the quick strip process on a Montneel Z1 semi automatic. I’m not sure on the production date on this Z1 but it’s likely 93-95 since the serial number is on the higher end (11001).

I recorded this video on my phone with one hand so it’s not great but it does illustrate the easy as which the breech can be removed on this early inline blowback. To remove the breech and barrel you unscrew the two thumbscrews on the bottom side and then you can slide the breech and barrel assembly off.

Right side of this Montneel Z1.
Right side of this Montneel Z1.

Find Montneel Z1 parts on baccipaintball at http://www.baccipaintball.com/parts/semi/montneel.html

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