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Montneel, Gang Green and Bullseye

Montneel, Gang Green and Bullseye

According to Marcus Neely, George Stradler, of Bulleye Paintballs, had finished playing competitively by the time Marcus joined Gang Green.  Stradler remained a sponsor though and eventually became the distributor for the Montneel Designs’ Z-1 as well as an investor when funds were needed. 

Bullseye Team of the Month, Gang Green

Marcus went on to say that after he and Moe left Massachusetts to move Montneel to New York they stopped playing with Gang Green and the team “fell apart.”

At this time they also began playing on (or formed) the Highlanders which became the Montneel factory team.

This scan is from the January 1990 issue of Paintball Sport International showing Bulleye’s sponsored team of the month, Gang Green.

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