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Dave Alberts, and other team members of Gang Green

Neely’s partner in Montneel, Maurice (Mo) Dumont, also played on Gang Green.  

Other Gang Green players that Marcus mentioned were George Stradler, of Bulleye Paintballs and Doc Davies out of Queens NY.

In several magazines articles I have been able to find the names “Dave Alberts, of Eastern Massachusetts Paintball” (Paintball Sports Magazine, August 1989) and Rick Alberts, Team Manager for Gang Green (Paintball Sports Magazine (International) January, 1990). 

Dave Alberts of Gang Green

This picture is from the January 1990 issue of Paintball Sports Magazine (or Paintball Sports International by that time) and shows Dave Alberts holding his team jacket covered with patches.  

Anyone have a nice Gang Green patch scan they can send me?

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  1. Hey anyway to get a hold of the members of Gang Green…I played on the team and would like to reconnect with them .

  2. Bill,
    It’s been a while. I hope you and the family are well. We should get together and catch up. I still hang with Ralph regularly playing video games. Are you still playing Paintball at all?


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