Home History Navarone Autococker with a K-C No Hot Shots Bottomline Female Reg

Navarone Autococker with a K-C No Hot Shots Bottomline Female Reg

Navarone Autococker with a K-C No Hot Shots Bottomline Female Reg
Rick Rector's Navarone Autococker with a K-C Type II No Hot Shots Bottom-line Regulator mounted.

Tim Firpo, aka Paintball Tek dot com, recently put me in contact with David Kermode of Kermode Concepts, formally maker of K-C Trouble Free Oil, K-C No Hot Shots Regulators and many other paintball projects.  Dave and I have been emailing and talking on the phone over the last couple weeks and I ended up purchasing a bunch of Dave’s old parts to offer on BacciPaintball.
Find some of these K-C parts listed at:

Navarone autococker with K-C bottomline reg
Rick Rector’s Navarone Autococker with a K-C Reducer running to a Type II No Hot Shots Bottom-line Regulator.

These parts were mostly gas throughs, asa adapters and end caps for Dave’s K-C No Hot Shots Regulators. These pieces included one item I had heard of but never seen, a K-C Type II Bottomline Regulator.
The difference between the Type I and the Type II reg was a different Nose Cap which adapted the female to male K-C No Hot Shots Inline Reg into a female asa input to 1/8th npt female output reg.  And with an outer cage, that Dave had Colin Thompson of Lapco build, it can be setup as a bottomline regulator.

Navarone cocker Right side
Reverse side of Navarone cocker with K-C Bottomline Reg.

The photos shows the K-C Clear ano ASA reducer to the K-C Type II regulator setup mounted on Rick Rector’s Navarone Autococker.  Although Dave warned that his K-C Reducer Plug adapters (male ASA to female 1/8th npt) were a little larger than most asas, they actually are a perfect diameter match to an Autococker vertical ASA.

K-c logo on bottomline reg
Logo on K-C Type II Bottomline Reg

When Tim called me and told me I should give Dave a call I was particularly interested in hearing about his connection to Eric Scott of Southern Pneumatics and the regulator project they were both involved in (initially/briefly) together.

Front of K-c bottomline reg
Type II Nose Cap allows a standard inline Female input to Male Output K-C No Hot Shots Reg to be adapted to a Female input to 1/8th npt output bottomline reg.

I’ve had an interest in the Phoenix saga (Phoenix, Equalizer, No Hot Shots Reg, the LS-2000, the Sheridan Inline Reg, the Falcon, the Guardian…) ever since I purchased my first Phoenix, which actually was from Dave, off ebay about ten years ago.

Right side of Bottomline cage
David Kermode purchased these regulator cages from Colin Thompson of Lapco. I imagine Stan Russell may have done the welding on these?

Over a few weeks of email and phone calls, Dave has been extremely helpful answering every questions I sent him. We discussed Northern California / Bay Area Paintball, his relations with others in the paintball industry, his K-C Trouble Free Oil, and he’s recalled a lot of interesting stories on his days traveling and making contacts while selling his products from the late 80s to later 90s.

Regulator card for K-c No Hot Shot Reg
Regulator card

I’ll be writing up a bunch of Dave’s stories on Kermode Concepts as I find / prepare appropriate media.

Input on back of KC bottomline reg.
Input on back of K-C Type II Bottomline reg.
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  1. I’m glad you were finally able to locate one of these regulators! I knew they existed. The very first autococker I ever shot was equipped with one of these regs, so I’ll never forget it.


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