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Paintball Tek demonstrates Reverse pump on the Master Blaster

Tim at http://www.paintballtek.com demonstrates the reverse pump action on Stan Russell’s Master Blaster Elevator Gun. The Master Blaster dates to 1985 and was one of the first projects created by Stan Russell, Tim McMurray and Earon Carter

Also guest starring David and Christian. We recorded this during out New Years Paintball Game.

Find more Master Blaster videos with Earon Carter, Stanley Russell, Paul Schreck and Tim McMurray at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBldX3waZeA&list=PLJC7papTosfWmOfX2w79XnXDwuv8yf7P4

And more elevator gun articles at https://paintballhistory.com/tag/master-blaster

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