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Stock Class Line SI Bushmaster Body

Stock Class Line SI Bushmaster Body modified to a center feed hole. This body is in bad shape and came in this week with a Navarone parts Bushmaster.

This was originally a right feed Line SI Bushmaster body but was redrilled for centerfeed and the right feed portion was patched. Hard to tell if the patch job was nice since the body has a nasty coat of paint on it.
Looks like it would work well though and I will likely set it up as a loader.

A while back I posted this Ranger which has a stock class feed held on with 4 screws.


This stock class Line SI Body has the same mounting holes as the above ranger and I would guess it was set up very similar to the stock class Navarone Bushmaster that Bryan “BigOldSchool” Keker posted under the photo of the ranger above:

Does anyone else remember who might have modified stock class pumps in Southern California to take a cooper feedtube and plate attached to the body with 4 mounting screws?

The Maximaster feed in the background is just to demonstrate how it could be used. Maximasters used Stainless Carter Snubs. The former owner, Samuel “Riley” Riley, was a part time airsmith at Unique Sporting Goods in Anaheim.

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