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A Stick Feed Block for the Advantage SI and Ken “Kidd” Hovanian

Continuing the series of videos I recorded in June of 2015 with Steve “Mongo” Brett, this portion looks at the neat stick feed block that is mounted on the top of Steve’s unique blue Advantage SI.

Steve explained in the last portion that his Blue Advantage SI was given to him by Ken “Kidd” Hovanian, and in this video he talks a little about the feed block which Kidd made to allow the Advantage to take a feed tube straight back.

Steve estimates that around 20 of these blocks were made by Ken Kidd and he gave me an extra example he had.  I rotate it around in the video above. After looking closer at it I would assume it makes the break breech on the Advantage difficult to operate. Eventually I will install this on my Line SI Advantage and check this out for myself.

Hawaii Cup 1993 Players, photo reshot at Earon Carter Shop in 2014.
Hawaii Cup 1993 Players, photo reshot at Earon Carter Shop in 2014. Ken Kidd center top tow. Find player names below.

I also asked Steve about Ken “Kidd’s” prior projects before moving to Hawaii and he explains that Ken worked at the Skirmish store and Line SI while playing on Navarone and then later worked at Carter Machine and after Dave Loo either passed away, or stopped pursing the Desert Ducks, Ken was given the left over parts to assemble at Carter Machine.

We can also see Steve’s later 1988 model Desert Duck DD68 which he purchased new from Dave Loo at the end of the video. 

Numbered Hawaii Cup 1993 photo.
Numbered Hawaii Cup 1993 photo.

Along with Ken Kidd in the photo above are many familiar faces:
1. Dave “Youngblood” DeHaan (Havok, Sudden Death, Dye, Ironmen)
2. Fridge Mackay (Bushwackers)
3. Ken “Kidd” Hovanian (Navarone, Line SI, Carter Machine)
4. Earon Carter (of Carter Machine)
5. Jerry Yandell (Who are Those Guys and that Gal? Mercenary Service)
6. Wes Wong (Hello Kitty, Team America, Carter Machine, Dye)
7. Jessica Sparks (APG / Who are Those Guys and that Gal? Mercenary Service)
8. Janie Wierman (friend of Rose Griffith)
9. Rose Griffith (of Unique Sporting Goods)
10. Ron Kilbourne (of the Bushwackers)

And Earon explaining the photo above:

Find more articles with Steve “Mongo”Brett on BacciPaintball at:

Find more videos with Steve “Mongo” Brett at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?action_edit=1&list=PLJC7papTosfXzcKxrArCwzzAaZzCEVP0u

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