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Southern California Mafia Team Photo

Mafia Bad quality team photo

Gilbert “Gilly” Martinez sent over this picture for a video we are putting together featuring Danny Guardado and Gilly.

In the video Gilly and Danny discuss their experience playing on the teams Mafia and the California Bushmasters in the late 80 and early 90s and their scrimmages against other southern California teams.

This photo is of Mafia c. 1990 and was taken at their home field, Southern Comfort in the San Fernando Valley after a match against Team America (whose home field was Sat Cong Village).

Southern Comfort was Steve Buzicks field. Buzick is better known for his pump gun Rebline and company, Confederate Arms Supply (and the Macho Fire supposedly).

According to Gilly this photo was taken in the same location as iconic team photo of “Who Are Those Guys?” and “Just Us” which DJ Yella shared on mcb a while back. Gilly had also been at Southern Comfort that day playing on the opposite team, “Stars and Bars” (home field Southern Comfort).

Here is another copy of the photo slightly enlarged with added numbers for identification:
Mafia Numbered team photo
In the photo Gilly pointed out, “Standing next to me wearing his trademark camo bandana in the same back row to my immediate right is Paul Vasquez!”

10.Paul Vasquez, manufacturer of the Hornet pump

And I think I can make out the following:
11. Gilbert Martinez
13. Art Guardado
15. Danny Guardado

For more information on Paul Vasquez Hornet pump you can view this video:

And check out this article:

And here is a nicer photo of the Hornet patch which was given to me by Mike Casady of Component Concepts, Inc.


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