SoCal Stock 12 gram game at Jungle Island on May 16th, 2015

Our group mid day at Jungle Island for So Cal Stock's 12 gram game in May 2015.
Our group mid day at Jungle Island for So Cal Stock’s 12 gram game in May 2015.

Today, SoCal Stock played a 12 gram game at Jungle Island, in Lake Elsinore, California. All players were required to use 12 gram air sources. We had around 24 or 25 stock class players throughout the day and played a ton of back to back games.

I didn’t take too many photos, aside from our group photo, but I did record a couple videos. This quick video with Don “Bored383” Howard shows a Nelspot 007 Wild Willy pump handle. This pump handle has a diagonal slot cut into it which will lock the bolt knob in the steel Nelspot body so the bolt knob won’t move when running and you don’t have to keep your hand on the pump when shooting.

Don also has a neat 12 gram drop out that is engraved with the Taso Paintball Packing Possum.

Sonny watches games at Jungle in May 2015.
Sonny Phommarine, aka Fearless Leader, watches the games unfold on the town field at Jungle Island at the May 2015 12 Gram game.

And here is another photo from the town field, taken behind So Cal Stock’s fearless leader, Sonny Phommarine.

Another great game! Next So Cal Stock Game is at the end of May at Hollywood Sports Park.
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