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Shooting a leaking California Cobra

In this video I try and cycle a leaking California Cobra. I’ve shown this California Cobra in several other articles and videos but never attempted to cycle it until I recorded this video last summer.

It’s leaking from the 12 gram seal which is a standard Crosman item:

Below are breakdown images of the California Cobra, showing that seal and the valve body.

California Cobra Parts breakdown
California Cobra Parts Breakdown. We can see the valve body / 12 gram piercer cartridge behind the internals.


Side view of receiver, valve / piercer and internals.
Piercer / Valve body and internals sitting on the grip frame. The Valve body is sandwiched in between the receiver and body.


California cobra internals
Top view of Piercer / valve body and internals.


Back view of piercer.
Back view of piercer sitting in receiver tray. Seal and piercer are standard crosman parts.


internals removed from grip frame tray.
Piercer / Valve body and internals removed from Grip frame Tray


seal that is causing the leak
Back/Side view of seal that is causing the leak.

And to change the actual seal you would follow the process in this video:

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