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Crosman / Brass Eagle trigger plate width

I had a request to measure the trigger plate width of the Crosman trigger used in early Brass Eagle pumps and semis. With this measurement a Nightmare, Cobra, Poison or Golden Eagle owner will know what size trigger plate to use.

The plate has two different widths, the width for the majority of the plate down to the base is .126 and the width at the base is around .180.  

You really have three options for getting a trigger shoe for a Crosman plate:
• File down the plates base to the same size as the rest of the plate. 
•Find a short trigger shoe that does reach the bottom of the plate.  A CCI trigger shoe will work but has to be mounted all the way at the top.  CCI trigger shoes have a back ID of .135.
•Find a trigger shoe wider that .18 and get longer set screws to secure it above and below the wider portion.

I would recommend filing down the base of the trigger to match the diameter of the trigger plate sides.

about to measure a crosman trigger plate

I disassembled one of the frames I had around from a poison and took some measurements and photos.

Crosman trigger front view Crosman trigger top view crosman trigger top view

Looking at the Crosman trigger we can see that the base is slightly wider than the rest of the plate. This will be a problem for a taller trigger shoe since you are dealing with two different widths and the base is a wider width than the main width.

Another shot of the crosman trigger plate looking down from the top at the side width and wider base width.

measuring the center of the trigger plateAbove is a photo of the center width of the trigger plate at .126 inches.  With this with most plates will fit but the base still poses a problem.

measuring the base of the trigger plateThe base of the plate has a width of .179 (or about .18). 

Hope that helps someone!

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