Home Equipment Parts Set screws in Pre 2k Autococker trigger frame to limit plate travel

Set screws in Pre 2k Autococker trigger frame to limit plate travel

Neat screw and set screw trigger job to limit the trigger plate travel on stock pre 2k Autococker pot metal cocker trigger frame.


Set screws in pot metal autococker frame.
Set screws in frame limit travel and slop.


Looks like plate is also cut and polished. This frame came on the Blue Splashed Autococker I picked up a couple weeks back.

set screws in the frame
A photo of the set screws in the side and back of the frame.

An allen screw in the back of the frame and a set screw in the side limits travel and set the stop for the plate.

stop screw for the pre 2k frame.
Another angle showing the cut, polished and drilled area for the stop screw.

A better view of the back set screw that limits plate travel.

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