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Pump Twist Dual and the Winning Game VHS

Several months back Chuck Link sent me a DVD with footage he converted from his old VHS tapes.  I haven’t had a chance to start uploading them yet but Chuck included footage from an old video (c. 1987) titled the “Winning Game, Paint Ball Tactics and Strategy.”

Cover of the Winning Game VHS tape. Front player is holding a Pump Twist Dual.
Cover of the Winning Game VHS tape.

I hadn’t heard of the Winning Game, before but since Chuck mentioned it and I skimmed the footage he sent I’ve been looking for more info on it. The actual instructional footage features William Ungerman Jr., Special Forces trainer and Vietnam Veteran, talking in front of a classroom filled with Navarone players.
The footage continues with paintball games at a woods course, likely somewhere in Southern California.  I didn’t recognize the courses as Sat Cong Village but it could have been? Or possibly Field Games.

While browsing ebay a couple weeks back I came across the actual VHS tape for 15 dollars. Looking at pictures in the listing I noticed the front player, on the cover, is actually holding a Mac 1 Pump Twist Dual Rifle!

Close up of the Pump Twist Dual rifle that the front player is using.
Close up of the Pump Twist Dual rifle that the front player is using.

The Pump Twist Dual is a K2 (not K1 since rotating the vent chamber would have been impractical) that has a pump handle added, the body rotated with the feed directly beside the barrel instead of below it (as the feed would sit on a typical K1/K2/KP2) and the dual 12 gram changer added.
Find more information on the Pump Twist Dual and a rough specimen I picked up in the following article:

Back in 2012, Tim McMurray of Mac 1, told me that he estimated around25 Pump Twist Duals were built.  These would have been constructed between the time of the K2 and the KP2, likely from summer 1986 to early (February or March) 1987.  I’ve found a SkanLine ad in the May 1987 issue of FrontLine which shows the pump twist Dual.  Likely a three month lead time from submitting an ad, to getting it printed, would mean the Pump Twist Dual was definitely offered around Winter 1986-87.
Filming for “The Winning Game” was likely in early 1987 as well since an article on the making of the video ran in the July 1987 issue of Frontline.

I’ll have both of these scans up eventually and the The Winning Game footage as well.

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