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Pro Team Products Double Trigger Slider Frame

Recently I came across this double trigger slider Autococker frame which at the time I thought was a standard Pro Team double trigger frame, meaning, I thought it took a single trigger plate.
But when I received this frame in I realized that the milling is slightly different, and that the frame actually uses a chrome plated steel plate that actually but for two triggers! In my opinion the milling looks better than the more common PTP double trigger frames. The pull isn’t spectacular though.

Thinking back, I have seen this frame before, but only a couple of times so I would assume it came out after the standard PTP double trigger frame for the Autococker and that few of them were produced.

This video is two short videos put together so it’s sort of repetitive but it does a good job illustrating the frame.

Find Autococker parts on baccipaintball at http://www.baccipaintball.com/parts/semi/autococker.html

And More PTP related articles at https://paintballhistory.com/tag/ptp

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