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Southern Pneumatics Phoenix vs Falcon Inc. Falcon Switch

Pictures that Tim @ Paintball Tek dot com took of the Phoenix switch next to the giant Falcon Switch. 

Phoenix is a slide trigger and the Falcon is a hinge trigger.

Southern Pneumatics Phoenix switch vs Falcon switch
Southern Pneumatics Phoenix switch vs Falcon Switch. Photos by Tim at Paintball Tek.com

The Falcon eliminates the Phoenix’s rotating breech and incorporates a ram driven spring loaded bolt. 

On the Falcon’s switch ”I think” the top portion is the switch and the bottom is an added return for the trigger?

Now that I have heard the rumor of most Falcon’s being dumped in a lake from more than one source I am beginning to believe it.

Here are a few short write ups I did on the Falcon:

Part 1:  https://paintballhistory.com/the-falcon-part-1

Part 2: https://paintballhistory.com/the-falcon-part-2

Part 3: https://paintballhistory.com/the-falcon-part-3

Part 4: https://paintballhistory.com/the-falcon-part-4

For more information you can try to visit the Montneel owners group site put together by Nick Scott (but it’s usually down):


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