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Peter Clark’s bore drop Maximasters (c.1993?)

Peter Clark’s bore drop Maximasters (c.1993?)

On October 20th 2012 I met up with Peter Clark and interviewed him about the custom nelson based bore drop Maximasters he had Earon Carter build for his stock class group and for his business, “Peter’s Paintball Pursuit Players Products.”

In the video Peter is shown holding his Maximaster and Buzzard. Peter would also make neat barrel plugs, and the Buzzard is shown with an awesome hand pointing plug.

Peter Clark with his Custom Carter Maximaster Bore Drop Pump.

In the early 90s Peter Clark ran a pool hall in Torrance, California. He played paintball with his wife and father in-law but wasn’t thrilled about the rental equipment so he bought a couple pump paintguns at I&I and Taso.

Clark offered The Maximaster, a Carterized stock class bore drop nelson with a stainless snub through his business, “Peter’s Paintball Pursuit Players Products.”

Eventually Pete had Earon Carter of Carter Machine rework one of the Bushmaster he purchased from Taso and the final product is the Red Custom Maximaster in his hands.

Peter Clark and his wife, Isabel Clark at one of their early games at SC Village. Peter wasn’t sure who the trailer belonged to but the gun sitting on top of it looks like a Puma so I would say this was likely one of Pete’s first times out to SC Village.

By supplying his own rental stock class equipment and getting a large private group together of around 40 players, Peter was able to do private stock class games at SC Village.

Clark’s business card for Peter’s Paintball Pursuit Players Products

He also formed his own small company which he named “Peter’s Paintball Pursuit Player’s Products” (or PPPPP, notice the PPPP Pete on his license plate) and began buying used pumps equipment as well as new guns from Taso (likely Spartans and Vindicators) and bringing them to Earon Carter to convert into a gun he offered through his company. The Maximaster!

Peter Clark’s catalog, Peter’s Paintball Pursuit Players Products, cover.
inside two pages.
Back cover.

The Maximaster was a stock class bore drop nelson based pump whose main identifiable feature was a custom Carter Machine stainless BORE DROP snub (body).
Peter named this gun after his father in-law Max Moses as a joke and he estimates he had Earon build around 70 of them which he sold through PPPPP.

Peter Clark and his family out at SC Village.
Back row left to right: Lisa White, Peter Clark, Front row: ?, Chris White
Peter Clark’s grand kids, left to right, Ashley White and Chris White at SC Village, check out the Carterized nelsons and Peter’s license plate.

The pictures in the video show Clark’s group of Stock Class Players and include kids which were like around 10 years old. As Peter says in the video, “No one shot the kids and if they did they shot them in the feet!.”

Clark’s stock class games provided a family friendly environment for paintballers of all ages. Pictures are Peter’s family,back row left to right, Isabel Clark, Peter Clark, Lisa White. Front row are Peter’s grand kids, left to right, Ashley White, Chris White.

Peter’s grand daughter Ashley White playing with a Carterized nelson stock class gun.

For Peter stock class paintball provided an enjoyable environment for his family and friends. Not only did he end up playing with his wife Isabel Clark and father in-law, Max Moses, but he also brought along his daughter Lisa White and her two kids, Chris White and Ashley White.

Earon Carter and others from Carter Machine would also play with Peter’s group on occasion and in the video Peter talks about how effective they could use their stock class paintguns.

Left to right: Isabel Clark (Pete’s wife), Max Moses (Pete’s father in law) and Peter Clark out at SC Village.
Pete is holding his Maximaster (converted from a Bushmaster) and Max has a purple Maximaster which, judging from the frame, was created from a Taso Vindicator or Spartan.

Peter and his family and friends are all shown in the pictures throughout this video on some of SC Villages recognizable fields.

Some of the pictures have dates of around 1993 and you can make out other examples of Peter’s Maximaster guns. It looks like most were built off Taso guns with Taso frames which Earon Carter (and his employee’s) at the time would cut up and reanodize in vibrant colors.

Left to right: Isabel Clark and Peter Clark with masks that Peter camouflaged.

Peter also kept a small fleet of rental markers (not Maximasters) but they ended up being trashed some time in the last ten years as Peter was going through some hard times. Luckily he kept his two prized guns and ton of memories!

Clark holding the Buzzard Earon Carter later built him.

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