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Outta Control Patch – c. early 1990s

Here is an Outta Control patch I photographed from Glenn Palmer’s collection at the end of July.

Outta Control patch that Glenn and Craig Palmer had in their patch collection.
Outta Control patch that Glenn and Craig Palmer had in their patch collection.

Outta control was based out of Northern California and and went on to become Kapp Factory after Chris Haggin of Pacific Paintball/Kapp took it over. Chris may have taken over Outta Control in the mid 90s and then renamed the team Kapp Factory in the late 90s.

If anyone else has information on Outta Control please post your corrections to what I wrote or memories.

Tony Menos adds:
“The guy you should find is Rodney Aguilar. he worked at Petaluma Paintball when it was owned by Dan and John.”
And Tony goes on to write:
“Davey Durenburger from Petaluma was another guy who seemed to be everywhere with Outta Control back then. You couldn’t turn around at Mare Island back then without running into Davey-D.”

And Tony elaborates on Rodney Aguilar:
“Rodney Aguilar was the team Captain for years. Every time I’d drive into Paintball Hill in the early 90’s there was Rodney’s Toyota pick-up in parking space #1.”

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