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Kapp Right Feed Autococker with Jam Bolt and CCM frame

Here is a KAPP right feed autococker that I’ve slowly been assembling, disassembling, and then re assembling. I bought the CCM mech swing frame for this body and was hoping it would be a closer fit. I’ll likely take it off since I don’t like the match and put it on something else.
I’m hoping to eventually find the correct matched frame for this body but who know if that will ever happen.

The body originally came from Chris Haggin, owner of KAPP, through Ryan Podesta. Podesta had it lt included in a lot on ebay with a Navarone body and the prototype KAPP Reflex body.

Pictured on this cocker are a CCM swing frame, a delrin jam bolt, a ccm ram, and a Kapp switch. You can also see that the rear beavertail screw is missing, or not long enough since it doesn’t hold the plug velocity IVG adjuster in place. This causes the adjuster to be pushed out slightly by the spring as shown in the video. Also missing is the LPR. 

I do a poor job of showing how the Jam bolt works.

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And find Autococker articles at https://paintballhistory.com/tag/autococker

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