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Music City Hooters’ Night Owls – APG October 1991

In August of 2012 I scanned an article with several photos of the Music City Hooters Night Owls because of the unique looking nelson based paintgun that the Captain, Jack Kirby, was holding in the photo below.

Music City Hooters
Music City Hooters Night Owl’s five man squad scanned from the October 1991 issue of Action Pursuit Games.
Left to right: “C.J. Christians and Chris Bucheit (front), Bill Cashion, Jack Kirby and Chris Cashion” (back).


Two months later I ended up emailing back and forth with Chuck Link who also played on the Hooters and Paladin with Jack Kirby. Chuck informed me that Kirby’s paintgun was designed by Al Winfree and Jack Kirby and named the Helix.

Music City Hooters Night Owls October 1991 in APG
Complete October 1991 Action Pursuit Games article written by APG writer, Hollywood. Click for a higher res larger image.

The article above ads some insight into Kirby’s sponsorship, The Music City Hooters support for the IPPA and the younger players on the team. Unfortunately Chuck isn’t pictured in either photo. 

While playing on Paladin, Chuck and his entire squad wielded Helix’s.
Chuck writes “Jack and Al Winfree designed a long barreled Nelson based pump gun that our whole team used for a while, including in one Masters I remember.”

Paladin Patch from Chuck Link
Paladin patch from Chuck Link’s patch collection

Chuck went on to explain the change from Paladin to Hooters, “After the Winfree’s moved on (Al was in the construction business and an engineer) because of a work location change, Jack formed the Music City Hooters team.”

Night Owls in Hooters
APG caption: “C.J. Christians and Chris Bucheit (kneeling), Bill Cashion, “Hollywood,” Jack Kirby and Chris Cashion with the Hooters Girls.”

In the above photo APG writer Hollywood stands with the Music City Hooters in a Hooters restaurant. The article refers to the Music City Hooters as the Night Owls.  I would imagine Kirby started the team as the Night Owls  but changed the name to the Music City Hooters after receiving his Hooters sponsorship? Hopefully Chuck can clarify.

Find more on the Hooters here:

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