Technical Trouble Shooting / Sergey Levkov custom barrel in Line SI / Montneel Threads

A neat custom barrel machined by Sergey Levkov at Technical Trouble Shooting.

J-Mark Pump Paintball Gun disassembled

A look at the pump paintgun that resulted from the collaboration of Marcus Neely and Jim Masse, known as the J-Mark, a nelson based Bushmaster clone.

Montneel Z1 Breech Quick Strip

A quick video showing the breech removal process on a Montneel Z1. Remove the two screws under the breech and then the breech will slide off.

Mega Z engraved by Laser Dynamics

Charles Eric Holland's "Baby," a Mega Z engraved by Skeeter Gordy of Laser Dynamics.

Skeeter Gordy and Laser Dynamics

Skeeter Gordy and his Laser Dynamics trailer as pictured in the May 1996 issue of Action Pursuit Games. Gordy was also associated with Proline.

Montneel, Gang Green and Bullseye

Some of the history behind Montneel and Gang Green and their relationship with George Stradler of Bullseye paintballs.

Dave Alberts, and other team members of Gang Green

A photo of Dave Alberts, of Eastern Massachusetts Paintball, scanned from Paintball Sports Magazine, August 1989 and other Gang Green team members.

Gang Green Team Photo and Marcus Neely

A team photo of Gang Green from APG and some history on their captain, Marcus Neely.

Marcus Neely’s Guardian

The Guardian was built my Neely Pneumatics after Macrus moved to Florida.

George Statler, Marcus Neely, the Icon and Bullseye

A little history on George Statler's Bulleye paintball and Marcus Neely's Checkmate and Icon Zs

Southern Pneumatics Phoenix vs Falcon Inc. Falcon Switch

A comparison between the Southern Pneumatics Phoenix trigger switch and the Falcon Inc Falcon trigger switch.

Montneel Designs Mega-Z Patch


2012-9-10-mega-z-montneel-patch One of my favorite paintgun patches, the Mega-Z! Silver text over the sheild says "Break the Mold!"

The Falcon Part 1

I scanned this ad for the 1994 Phoenix/Montneel hybrid, the Falcon from the October 1994 issue of Paintball Sport International.