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A Minicocker similar to early BBT SFLs


Update 3-30-14:
I emailed Renick Miller (BBT/Shocktech) about this Silver Minicocker and he responded back after asking Danny Love about it. He says:
“The silver [Minicocker] we didn’t have anything to do with”

Renick also wrote that the black Mini cocker “[was] a gun Danny built for himself to use. He wound up selling it back in the for $1800.00 after having used it only a few times.”
Renick agreed the year the black Minicocker would likely have been built around 1996.

SFL style mini cocker right side

Here is a neat Minicocker I purchased off ebay last week.  Yes it’s beat to hell but the cuts on the body, although a little rough, remind me of the cuts on early SFL and BBT cockers.

SFL style mini cocker left side

I messaged Renick Miller (Shocktech and BBT) about this Minicocker and he said “that looks very familiar” neither confirming nor denying that it was milled by BBT.  Miller also said that he was going to ask Danny Love about it.  If he finds out anything I’ll update this but I don’t really think it’s a BBT gun, just milled similarly.  It if was then I would guess it would have been cut later than the BBT’s Stage 3 Minicockers which appeared in APGs December 1996 issue titled, “1996 Paintgun Roundup.”
Below is a Minicocker cut in the style of the Bad Boyz Toys Stage 3 Minicockers (updated Renick confirmed Danny build this mini for hilmself to use, see quote at top):

Stage 3 BBT minicocker

I posted these photos on Customcockers ( http://customcockers.com/forum/showthread.php?51672-Minicocker-cut-similar-to-SFL-quot-style-quot-anyone-have-any-leads-on-identification) and got some good tips, the body is a 50K from 1998 that has been cut down to a minicocker making the IVG internal threads in the lower tube stock (thanks Colby).  I compared the remaining “5” on this Minicocker’s body to the Kapp milled autococker I posted last week and another 50K serial body on my work bench and the first digit, “5,” lines up at the beginning of the breech and at the same point in the lower front body milling.

On Customcockers, Colby writes: 
“The body is a 98, so your in the 50k range on the serial. That would put it about the time BBT started making the SFL prototypes / danny love signature series guns, which had similar milling. Ceranski’s bumblebee cocker is in the 48k range, and my flame one is 62k so yours would be right in the middle. I’d either chalk it up to a knock off someone made themselves, or one that BBT did trying something different and didn’t like.”

And MAGgot on Customcockers writes:
“The deep wells in between the tubes was something they were doing later under the Shocktech name.”

Here are two of the early forerunners to the body design that ended up being used for the first generation SFLs.

The first was owned by Tim @ Paintballtek.com, which looks like it has serial #48714:

BBT forerunner to sfl

And the second was sold on mcb by Bing, and looks to have a serial of #60290 (or 60390?):

I think the cocker linked to above was sold to Dan @ armorypaintball.com and he shows it off in this video below:

These pre 1st gen SFLs are very different to the Minicocker pictured but the long oval cuts down the center of each side of the body are what attracted me to this Cocker.  Probably someone’s custom project cocker they cut themselves but still a neat body.

close up right side classic sfl style mini cocker

The seller of this cocker was in Kentucky and purchased it at a garage sale.  He didn’t have any clues on its origin. The body is pretty beat up but was originally a full body cocker. The only visible digit is a 5 from the 50K serial.

back view of SFL style mini cockerThe junky composite frame had the trigger guard cut.

top view of SFL style mini cocker

The top of the body is round smaller diameter until where it meets the feed neck then it enlarges to a slightly larger diameter. Back block is a later block (made by spanky) and doesn’t align with the body so I don’t think it was original to the body.

lower right view of sfl style minicocker

Here is a breakdown of the parts that came on it:
Frame: Composite late 90s WGP frame
Grips: PMI Rubbers for Sheridans that also work on cocker and mag one hole frames.
Back Block: Spanky later style Pre 2k back block.
Bolt: not sure.
LPR: ANS Jackhammer II
3 way: ANS
LPC: Shocktech
Beavertail: Shocktech
Cocking rod: Shocktech:
Ram: stock WGP?
Female reg: Palmers Female Stabilizer
Threaded Ivg: Kapp

lower left view of sfl style mini cocker


This photo (and the above shot) from the bottom of the body show the bottom trigger adjustment screw and the rust on the trigger plate from years of neglect.

If you have any clues about this cockers body or recognize a Autococker body style that’s similar please message me or post in this thread.

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