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MF2 Micrococker Sniper by MF2 designs

MF2 Micrococker Sniper by MF2 designs

A couple weeks back I purchased this neat looking Micrococker pump on ebay, it was listed as a Custom Dye Autococker Pump.  The body looked familiar but I could place it at the time. 

MF2 Micro cocker right side

I emailed back and forth with the seller, Clifton Gueco, who told me he received this pump several years back from his second cousin,and owner of Hawaii All Star Paintball, Brandon Cayetano. 

MF2 Micrococker left

Clifton wrote me:
“This marker was given to me as a pump in that current configuration. I know that the body, bolt, and the back block makes it an MF 2 micrococker. It was an MF 2 micrococker until whomever put the CCM pump kit on. I do not have any other parts it came with (front block). So sorry!
It was built in partnership by Dave Youngblood and Carter Machine back in the day.
The person to have asked would have been my second cousin. Brandon Cayetano, the owner and operator of All-Star Paintball here in Hawaii.”

right side bolt open
Bolt when cycled back, right side view.
bottom view of mf2 autococker
Body is cut down on back and front. This shot shows the set screw for the internal velocity governor (RVA).

Unfortunately Brandon actually passed away the day before the auction ended. Clifton continued about Brandon:
“He had many friends in the paintball industry who would pass on markers and such for him to market, which is how I received this and other markers. He passed two days ago from congenital heart failure. Another family member in three years!
I, as well as others in the community here will miss him. He was the former State Governor, Ben Cayetano’s ([my] first cousin) son. Brandon gave me the marker after he watched me play with it in a stock pump game, while on a visit [to Hawaii]. He commented that it was in good hands! It was smooth, quick and very accurate!”

mf2 left side bolt closed left side bolt open

I thought about Clifton’s email for a couple days and then I remembered another very similar vert feed body that I’d seen listed on a German auction site probably 6 or 7 years back.  

German auction listed MF2
Photo from German auction site, photographer unknown.

I figured it was a European autococker at the time.  Luckily I saved the photos so I compared them and sure enough the bodies were very close.  I started doing some digging and sure enough, Clifton was correct, the body, block and bolt are that of a MF2 Micrococker.  

So I started looking for more information and the first reference I found was from Paul “Wolf13” Searl on pbnation.  The post was in a thread on pbnation member’s opinions on the rarest Autocockers.

Paul writes:
“Now here’s one i don’t think i have a pic for: the MF2 MicroCocker a contemporary of the Proteams micrococker made in Quebec by MF2 designs.”
Find Wolf13’s post as number 48 in this thread:

MF2 right feed
MF2 right feed off pbnation, photo credit tr-shawn

And this post on pbnation, for a MF2 Micrococker for sale that looks identical, aside from the polished anodizing:

And even this archived site which was originally archived (or published?) in October 1999 and offered a reiview (although not so favorable) on the MF2 Micrococker:

Two more posts on the Tinkersguild on the MF2.
By Conqueror:

And a respond by Paul “Wolf13” Searl:

And a few references on rec.sport.paintball from the mid 90s.
This post, by Bob Nicholson, offering a MF2 Micro cocker for sale, gives us some insight into the modifications MF2 Designs offered:

Nicholson lists:
“MF2 Designs Micrococker
Micrococker body
Cut almost 4 inches shorter then a stock autococker
Milled site rail and rounded edges
Anodized purple
Chrome polished 4-way
Chrome polished ram
Chrome Rock regulator with knob
Chrome lightened P-block with builtin beavertail
Chrome 45 frame with Hogue grips
Chrome front block
Custom Stainless Venturi bolt
Stainless rods
Threaded timing rod
Trigger job, short and very light
Stock Valve”

I’ll eventually be piecing this MF2 cocker back together in a more stock semi automatic configuration.  

CCM pump kit

The pump kit, an early CCM kit and the frame will be taken off and pneumatics will be added back on with a tuned stock WGP frame, or possible a matte black benchmark.  And then I’ll be looking for the stock cocking rod cover for probably the next ten years.

Thanks to Clifton for the information on this Micrococker and I’ll be posting an article from Wes Shockley on Brandon Cayetano soon.

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  1. Dan Bacci,
    What a great write up! I am glad that this marker has a rich rediscovered history and that it is in good hands! The marker has a good home and will be well appreciated by you and others who get to see it! Thank you!
    Clifton A. Gueco

  2. I I am the the ower of the Cie that was name MF 2 design 20 year ago designer and manufacturer of the micrococker. Today the Cie is now call MF2 AERO , http://www.mf2cnc.com
    it is incredible to see that those still exist after so much time . I have my self one of the most beautiful unit made (for myself) in a box far far away in the garage…… Thanks


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