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A messed up SHO/Reverse Minicocker and a Sniper 3

Brad Nestle SHO or Reverse Autococker and a Sniper 3
Top: Likely a beat up Brad Nestle PBMax SHO or Reverse body?
Bottom a loaner Sniper 3

Edit: According to Bryan Keker and Shane Kinzel, the top Minicocker body is likely an Brad Nestle SHO or Reverse Minicocker. 

Bryan Keker commented on facebook that the top body is likely an Olympic SHO (or Reverse Minicocker). He writes:
“That top gun could also be a former SHO.”

And Shane Kinzel writes:
“Bryan is correct, thats a SHO body for sure!”

______And my original post____

Here is a neat mini cocker and a Sniper 3. 

I bought the top Minicocker, which I think is a BBT creation, off ebay last week because of the side tapped body. The body has somewhat plain mitting aside from enlarged and mirrored pump rod slots but on the opposite side (not shown) has a cut for an auto trigger setup. The anodizing is flat black.

I will be converting this to a loaner Sniper 3 set up similar to the bottom Sniper. With the side of the body drilled for an 1/8th npt fitting the pumped Minicocker doesn’t need the sniper 3 pump over barrel handle, the funky sniper 3 stock banjo fitting or a vertical asa.

The finished setup will have a single close to matching shocktech slider and stock sniper 2 pump kit. With likely a Palmer’s female reg as the bottomline.

The bottom Sniper 3 came in various parts and I assembled it as a loaner a couple years back. Not sure who did the milling but it is also side tapped and has a belsales frame.

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