Home Companies Lapco with Sergey and a Force Recon Pump

Lapco with Sergey and a Force Recon Pump

Lapco with Sergey and a Force Recon Pump

Today Tim (Paintball Tek dot com) and I Visited LAPCO / Los Angeles Paintball Company.

Big thanks to Sergey who spent a good part of his day talking tek/paintball history with us and we got to see a few very unique classics and some more very special modern paintguns (newer than 2000) that I have always wanted to examine. 

Sergey’s attention to detail blows my mind and he know soooo much we can talk to him for hours. I can bring up the most random detail about an obscure parts and if he wasn’t involved in creating the parts then 9 times out of ten he has either studied the parts or the company to some degree.

I didn’t take many photos but I’m sure Tim will be posting some soon.  Check Tim’s page for those and watch lapco for the awesome products that Sergey and his team are working on.


Attached is a picture of a rad Neon Lapco Force Recon built off a Wrath. This came from New Jersey several years back and has some additional cuts you don’t normally see on lapco pumps.

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