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Kenimex Scorpion and Scorpion Autoloader

Kenimex, Scorpion Autoloader and Standard Scorpion (c. ~1994)


Kenimex Scorpion Patch

Kenimex, a company based Ashford, Kent, UK produced nelson pumps which shared compatibility with most WWP guns and early PMI/ACI Trracers and Mavericks. Some of Kenimex’s nelson models which they exported to the United States were extremely inexpensive, including the Blackhawk which was a unibody gun with a plastic body, and grip frame. This model might have been called the Contender in the UK. In the UK Kenimex most marketed their pumps as different models of Scorpions.

Kenimex used a unique grip frames with a one piece molded on grip instead of using the Lonestar Grip.

One the side of this grip the words Kenimex are molded in and the front of the trigger guard has more of a loop than the sharp corner on the WWP Razorback. Kenimex’s powertubes are the same as most later model Razorbacks; they feature a large base, an extremely long tube, and use a hammer very similar to WWP’s.

Kenimex’s high grade Scorpion, featured a removable barrel with a all metal integrated slide on raincover and adjustable internals.

This Scorpion was purchased last year from the original owner in the UK and included the shown patch and Kenimex barrel plug and key fob.

Standard Scorpion 1

Higher Grade Kenimex Scorpion
Standard Scorpion 2

Features a removable barrel with integrated slide on raincover
Kenimex Ad

This ad for the variety of items Kenimex offered. Scan out of the March 1994 issue of Paintball Adventures.

Kenimex advertised in UK magazines and probably produced pumps until the late 1990s. ┬áThere website claimed, “Thousands were sold worldwide” which is believeable since many of their lower class unibody pumps were sold in the United States.

Kenimex’s guns are generally not overly desierable with the exception of their semi automatic blowforward conversion kit, “The Scorpion AutoLoader.”

I have always wanted an Autoloader and have only seen one come up for sale which was on UK ebay.

Have Blue of AirSolder Products (ASP) purchased that AutoLoader which came mounted on what looked like a Razorback Clone with a powdercoated frame.

But recently I was offered this excellent example of the Scorpion Autoloader from Dale Price, also know as Sugarstump who had originally purchased it from the original owner in the UK.

kenimex autoloader 01

Metallic Silver Anodized Scorpion Autoloader produced by Kenimex of the United Kingdom. Few made it to the States from Europe.
kenimex autoloader 02

The Autoloader was a blowforward valve that converts a Razorback/WWP or Trracer/PMI dimension pump into a blowforward.
kenimex autoloader 04

The huge blowforward valve hangs off the rear.
kenimex autoloader 03

It featured a build in regulator and a back bottle asa.

This Scorpion Autoloader has a nice Silver Anodized finish and has traces of Kenimex’s logo on the sides of the grip frame.

kenimex autoloader 05

“Autoloader” painted on the left side of the grip frame
kenimex autoloader 07

“Scorpion” written on the right side of the grip frame

Included with the Autoloader were two barrels and the necessary parts to convert back to pump. The huge monstrosity of a stainless valve hanging off the back is basically a restructured (clone but not compatible) AGD Classic valve adapted for the bolt to cycle in the breech of a bore drop nelson body. Upon receiving this rarity I promtply took it outside and unloaded some rounds. It had a nice classic mag/lvl 7 feel to it and the regulator was earily adjusted.

kenimex autoloader 08

Adjustment screw for the built in Regulator
kenimex autoloader 06

Left side of the Stainless Blowforward valve

After shooting the Autoloader I disasembled the gun and almost lost the on /off parts since they had remained pressurized once the valve was removed shot across the room. Luckily I found the missing parts and orings but quite a scare.

kenimex autoloader 09

Breakdown of the Scorpion Autoloader
kenimex autoloader 10

Functions the same as a lvl 7 Classic Automag
kenimex autoloader 11

On/off works the same as an Automag but not compatible

You can view Have Blue’s Scorpion Autoloader on this page which shows his collection: http://haveblue.org/armory/

Also, you can find additional information on the Scorpion Autoloader, including additional shots of the on off and a nice scan of the manual which shows a cut away of the valve at Have Blue’s Tech Rat’s Nest: http://haveblue.org/tech/

As mentioned in HaveBlue’s manual scan, Kenimex did at one time have a website, dedicated to selling vehicle tires which showed some pictures of differen’t late models of Scorpions. The website also contained links to Adult items which Kenimex also must have produced.

Note: Article originally written in 2011 and published in 2022.

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