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History on the South Bay Arms / Mac-1 Elevator Gun (part 1 of 6)

History on the South Bay Arms / Mac-1 Elevator Gun (part 1 of 6)
Earon Carter's Master Blaster rebuilt. Watch the Master Blaster information video on youtube.

Over the last 6 months I have been digging up information on a limited production pump paintball gun that dates back to the roots of Southern California Paintball. The gun has several names, the Elevator Gun, the Master Blaster and the Blast Master. Although it isn’t the first paintgun to use an elevator system to load the paintball into the breech (AGA 62 predates this design by around a year) it is a very early pump, built off a pellet gun platform that is one of the first (or at least very early) collaborations between respected Southern California Airsmiths Tim McMurray of McMurray and Sons (Mac-1), Earon Carter and Stan Russell, both of South Bay Arms and likely constructed late 1985-early 1986.

Right side video of the rebuilt Elevator Gun / Master Blaster.

The Elevator Gun / Master Blaster Paintball Gun Series will be 6 separate videos with special guests Paul Schreck of Circle Paintball, Earon Carter of Carter Machine, and Tim McMurray of Mac-1 (McMurray and Sons). These videos will be posted as they are completed in the following order. An accompanying article with be posted at the end of the videos summarizing the information with all the media used in the videos. 1. History on the Elevator Gun with Dan Bacci 2. The discovery of the Elevator Gun with Paul Schreck 3. Function of the Elevator Gun with Dan Bacci 4. Earon Carter discusses the Elevator Gun 5. Tim McMurray remembers the Elevator Gun / Master Blaster 6. Testing the Elevator Gun at Jungle Island Paintball (quick chrono testing video) Additional videos that will likely be available later on will be: 7. A functional comparison between the AGA revolver’s elevator mechanism and the Master Blaster / Elevator Gun. 8. A more comprehensive testing video so show the shot count and record velocity. Wardrobe provided by Matthew “Matteekay” Krause, checkout his latest tshirt here: http://www.bit.ly/ViITXe I have a lot of people to thank on this project: Paul Schreck, Earon and Lauren Carter, Manny Medina, Phuong Nguyen, Tim McMurray, David Lim and probably more I will remember later. Written material and pictures copyright Daniel Bacci baccipaintball.com 2012. For permission to repost please ask. email for any reason at dan@baccipaintball.com Subscribe to Bacci Paintball on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=baccipaintball

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