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The greatest paintballer of the 1700s, James O’Claire

The greatest paintballer of the 1700s, James O’Claire

Step into the world of an old school paintballer, James O’Claire’s world. He’s been paintballing since apparently the 1700s and he doesn’t plan on stopping now! Watch as he shows off a paintgun he carved out of stone, his custom, painted green nelspot 007…The James O’Claire model.
James is a dead eye on the field and when he isn’t paintballing he practices sharp shooting flies out of the air, typically from 30 feet away (with his 007).

One of the lesser known facts about Crazy James is that the well know mascot of BacciPaintball.com started out as CKO’s caricature of Crazy James rollerblading across a lake. Because of Crazy James’ huge muscular neck and fishlike face CKO’s finished drawing looked more like something from the depths rather than what you might find skimming the surface of a lake with rollar blades or even parachuting out of a space shuttle mid atmosphere.

These days, Jame enjoys sitting back and drinking fresh goat milk or eating caviar but even these hobbies don’t compare to his love of the greatest game, PAINTBALL!

One correction to this video, James identifys his paintball pistol as the first and oldest paintball gun. Technically it is since he traveled back in time with it to the 1700s and has been using it since but historically the nelson 707 predates the nelson 007.
The nelson 707 was (as far as I can tell, released in the late 60s to early 70s). The 007 was likely released in the very late 70s and is known as the first paint pistol to be used for the game of paintball (by NSG).

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