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Gramps and Grizzly, NW and Mick Holdaway

Another article scan (link below) from the May 1990 issue of Paintcheck. 
This article caught my eye because it was the first speedball event in England (and possibly Europe?) held at Simulated ActivitieS (SAS for short) and also because of the group photo.

NW, gramps and grizzly and Mick Holdaway

The group consists of SAS Ultimate Marshall (Ref) Jim Wener, Nicky Wilson of NW Sales, John Evans (not sure of his affiliation, maybe another employee at SA?), Lou “Gramps” Grubb from Gramps and Grizzly, and Mick Holdaway, owner of SAS and distributor of Brass Eagle in the UK. 

Mick Holdaway was actually just posting on mcb last month and I messaged him with a few questions about his fields and production of the Colonial. I will post his answers with a few Colonial pictures in the next few days.

EDIT: Look at the gold plated NW in front of the trophies.

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