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Gaston Nogues’ Carter Machine VM68 c.1994-95

 left side of gastons vm-68

Gaston Nogues’ Carterized VM68.

This blueish gray anodized Carter Machine VM-68 came with the Annihilator from Gaston Nogues. 
Gaston purchased this VM from his friend Aaron Christopher at Carter Machine in the mids 90s. The born on date stamped on the side of the match anodized 1.25 # (20oz) tank is November 1994.

The weight taken off the sizes is likely made up for on the front grip and the aluminum sight rail.

I’m not sure if the vertical asa was originally the front horizontal asa or not (I think the front horizontal asa still exists under the foregrip).

There are a couple flaws but overall this vm looks pretty good, especially with the Carter hump back frame!

Gaston's Carterized vm-68 right side
Right side of Grey Blue Carterized VM68 from Gaston.

And here’s a right side profile shot of Gaston’s Carterized Blue Gray VM-68 (or PMI3?).
You can see the ding at the end of the barrel, probably dropped on the concrete at SC Village with a full co2 tank landing barrel down! 
Luckily it’s bent out and a very minor ding. Still a gorgeous looking classic!

William Kapes, former employee of Carter Machine adds:
“The [Vertical] ASA is one from a VM-68 but not from that one (unless it was moved after I last saw it. The front asa was just plugged with a screw in hose adapter that was plugged up. 
There were a couple of those crazy cut down VM’s made. Jessica Sparks had the first one I think. Sheridan gave her a pink one but it was crazy heavy so she brought it in to see what Earon could do. I know on a bunch we ported out the valve and then cut slots into the hammer. The stupid hammer on those guns weighs a ton.
We made a whole run of tweaked VM’s that Dave Bassman used at Conquest as rentals. We opened up the barrels and cut a rounded bevel at the breech. Cut down on blown paint a ton. I also had an idea to make dialer rods for them. I took the aluminum nelson dialer hex rod and fitted a cut down allen key in the end so you could adjust the velocity without taking off the barrel.”

I’ve actually seen the adjustment that William describes, also know as a choker, on VM68 bolts that looked factory.  The allen screw “chokes” the air that can flow out of the valve resulting in less air shot and a lower velocity.

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Left side with tank.
Right side of Carterized VM-68

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