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Have you experienced a Worrgasm lately? T Shirt c.~1993?

Tony Meno, store manager of Pacific Paintball (Kapp) in the early 90s, sent me this image an old paintball shirt he held onto.

Tony writes:
“I ever show you this one?  It’s a t-shirt that Brad Nestle did back when he worked at Barritz Paintball in Houston.
Only 25 were made- and I bet very few survive.”

Brad Nestle's Worrgasm Tshirt
Brad Nestle Designed this tshirt titles, have you experienced a worrgasm lately?

Brad Nestle added on facebook:
“I remember those! We got in trouble from Bud for those. He thought we were going to do a few for us, not a bigger run. Oh well.” 

Pacific Paintball was one of the hottest custom shops for Worr Game Products when the Autococker hit the scene in early 90s so I can believe Tony when he went on to write, “I got offers left and right to sell it.”

Crop of Worrgasm shirt detail.
Detailed of Tony Meno’s Worrgasm Tshirt that Brad Nestle designed.

I recorded a video with Tony at our Bacci Mountain game which should be pretty entertaining, won’t be edited for a while though…

Edit: Find Tony’s video on youtube at:

Find this post on facebook at:

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