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Why Earon Carter Prefers a Stock 007 Trigger Plate over a Skorr Trigger

In this video I ask Earon Carter to explain why he prefers working with a stock 007 nelspot trigger over a Skorr Auto Trigger. His answer is that he is able to set when / where the Auto Trigger trips on the stock nelspot steel trigger whereas on the Skorr trigger it’s pre set to trip at a certain point (which I think is too far forward for Earon’s preference).

Rounded nelspot 007 trigger plate and a Skorr trigger plate
Nelson based trigger Contact points with hammer sear. Left is a rounded nelspot 007 trigger plate. Right is a cut Skorr trigger plate.

In the video, he goes on to show how the stock 007 Trigger’s sear contact point is further back than a Skorr triggers contact point.  Many 007 players with a stock trigger can relate to this, sure you can get your 007 to auto trigger but it’s a sharp trigger trip that doesn’t produce good results because your sear is tripped too soon before your bolt is closed.

Stock nelspot 007 hard edge trigger
Stock 007 trigger with contact point highlighted. The contact point for the sear is further back than a rounded trigger plate and rectagular hard edge does not make a smooth auto trigger.

Above is the stock 007 trigger. The hammer sear contact point is pretty far back which results in tripping the hammer before the bolt is all the way forward and the breech is completely closed.  This doesn’t produce a very good result / chrono reading / shot.

Rounded Nelspot 007 trigger
Modified Stock 007 trigger with a rounded top edge. Small spot of red paint shows the contact point.

Here is the stock 007 trigger that’s pictured in the video. It’s slightly cut so the contact point is rounded but the point of contact can still be slightly too far back with the stock 007 hammer sear.

Skorr 007 trigger plate.
Skorr Auto Trigger. Steel and pre cut for a decent auto trigger when using the stock nelspot 007 hammer.

Here is a shot of the Skorr trigger by itself. This trigger plate is a drop in upgrade for the 007 nelspot stock frame.
On the Skorr trigger the top edge is cut lower so the stock 007 sear trips the hammer very close to when the breech is closed.  I think this will produce issues with other sears though, for example Line SI sears, Lapco sears, or Earon’s sears. 

NW or Carter trigger
NW or early Carter trigger (up to 1990?). Aluminum with rounded top.
wear on NW/Carter trigger
Worn top of Aluminum NW/Carter trigger showing contact point with steel hammer sear.

And here is a NW or early Carter comp/buzzard trigger.  This trigger is rounded on top and relies on both a different sear (non stock) and this round top of the trigger for the correct contact point with the breech being closed. Carter and NW both used the same frames and triggers early on that were machined by Tri Jay Machine, a machinist who had some relation to Nicky Wilson.

Tri Car aluminum trigger.
Tri Car trigger. Top is rounded and trigger is aluminum.

And a Tri Car trigger. These are aluminum and were machined by Tri Jay Machine who manufactured the Tri Car with Carter Machine.  

stock 007 trigger with contact point highlighted
Stock 007 hammer sear. Highlight shows contact point which is earlier than some aftermarket hammers.

Earon doesn’t go into detail in the short video but he will typically cut his sears from something other than a stock nelspot sear.  

WGP Ranger hammer.
Ranger hammer sears can be modified to work with various internals because of all the extra meat on the base. The red area is what I typically cut off when I want to use one on a nelspot project or with Carter Internals.

Earon has used WGP Ranger sears before and on a ranger sear the bottom is cut and the sear is given more of a tail.  I also think the contact point on a ranger hammer sear is further back (or can be cut slightly further back) so the sear doesn’t make contact with the trigger plate until the bolt is moved slightly more forward resulting in an action when the breech is more closed.
A cut ranger sear, as pictured above, could work with a more round top trigger plate cut such as on the NW/Carter/Tri Car Trigger or the rounded top stock 007 trigger.

Find more videos with Earon at:

Paul and I recorded this video with Earon Carter back in March when we visited him in Southern California. Find the parts mentioned in this video below. Some are sold but you can get more photos of the items for reference.

Nelson sears of various types:

Nelspot Triggers of Various types:

Early NW Trigger or Early Carter Trigger (aluminum)

Carter TriCar Trigger (similar to Early NW trigger):

Rounded stock Nelspot 007 Trigger plate:

Stock retagular edge 007 Nelspot trigger plate.

Skorr Trigger (pre cut for Auto Trigger):

Stock 007 hammer sear:

Stock WGP Ranger sear:

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