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Custom DF PMI Pursuit Pistol

Here’s another Pursuit pistol that has been modified to direct feed.  The modifications on this pistol are very clean and innovative.  Some of the cool tricks include:

PMI Pursuit Pistol


•Mac 1 style pump handle (cut for dropout) (actually might be a stock sheridan p-68 pump handle?) 

•nice direct feed

•retaining BB for bolt

•General Joes Bolt 

•neat concept for a 12 gram changer (worked all right but I think I took it out before I took these pictures?)

•Side dropout slot

•Bent pump rod around drop out and cut pump for dropout

 •Battle grips which I think are hollowed out to fit all the way around a umb mount.

 •Sight rail on top of barrel

 •Side tap (which came stock on pursuit pistols)

 •RVA with lock screw

PMI Pursuit Pistol right side


I am not sure who did the work on this pursuit pistol but the modifications are all well done.  I also cant remember which state I bought it from?

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