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Paul’s Circle internals for Carter Machine pumps

In this video I show off several sets of Paul Schreck’s Circle internals for Carter Machine Buzzards, Comps or CIP Box guns.

Paul has consulted Earon Carter and based on Earon’s advice decided to make these internals Cold Rolled Case hardened steel rather than stainless.  The Case Hardened steel these internals are constructed from is much more durable and harder than stainless and the ledge of the sear lip be will more resistant to sear wear.

If you look at internals in Carter Machine’s classic pumps you will see that the internals in most cases are not stainless but Case Hardened Steel.  These Hardened steel internals are super durable and really smooth in stainless bodies, or as Paul says, they feel, “super slippery,” and “like glass.”

Here is the wikipedia page on Case Hardening which provides some insight on the process:

Since these internals are case hardened and not stainless they do need to be kept oiled to avoid corrosion. There are a couple of downsides to hardened steel internals, they are not stainless so there is the chance that over time if not taken care they can corrode or rust.  With older Carter internals in paintguns I’ve purchased over the years I’ve seen heavy corrosion and rusty gunk but I haven’t had my internals rust in the same way that stock 007 internals will.  

Another downside is that they can break or crack on the bolt lip/notch or oring front notch if dropped.   But with proper maintenance they will be the best new internals available for classic carter pumps.

Paul's circle internals

These internals work with a Carter Machine Diffuser or a CCI TPC (tuned port compensator).  I don’t know which Paul is offering them with though.

With a cut ranger sear or with your original sear, these internals can be adapted to Carter Machine’s different triggers. With these internals you can either use your old sear or, with a finish nail pin you can and tap out the old pin from your hammer and trace that hammer onto the ranger sear and then file the ranger sear down with a hand file or a dremal.

These are available, new, with uncut sears for around $100 a set. I’m not sure on Paul’s exact price so you will have to contact him and inquire. 

Replacement ranger sears ($3) are available here incase you mess up your first cut:

You can contact paul on mcb at:

Or email me though the site and I will put you in touch with paul:

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