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Bacci Mountain Pump Paintball 2nd-3rd August 2014

I’m preparing for next weekend’s Bacci Mountain Pump game in Northern California this week. Last night I went through gopro footage from last year and took a few screen captures of the games and looked at the group photos from 2013. All of my footage is from the bottom course though and wasn’t really too exciting so I’m just uploading images.

Find more info on the August 2nd and 3rd 2014 game on mcb at:

bacci mountain group photo sunday 2013
Sunday 2013’s group photo showing the backdrop from the mountain.

Above is our group photo from Sunday 2013 with the neighboring hills in the background.

bacci mountain group photo 2013 saturday 1
Saturday’s group photo 2013.

Our group photo from Saturday outside the lower course and entrance to the field. Look for the beady red eyes!

bacci mountain group photo 2013 saturday 2
Another group photo from Saturday 2013

A second group photo from Saturday 2013.

Lower course action
A raised view from the gopro showing the action midfield on the lower course from Saturday 2013.

A screen capture from my Gopro showing myself (l), Craig (c) and Joe (r). Joe was just shot out, you can see the splotch on the goggles.

Tim firpo
Tim battling at the far side of the lower eucalyptus field.

Tim’s bunker was a large cropping of eucalyptus with a bunch of leaves stacked between them and a small garage door hut on the side.

Tao and others
Tao and a few other watching the games take place from the sidelines.

The course is situated between two roads.  When shot out players walk to the outer edges of the roads and watch the matches.

craig on the west side of the lower field.
Craig on the west side of the lower field.

Craig playing on the exterior side road.  Inside the lower course are garage door huts, solar panel barriers and tall leaf piles.

group standing around on lower course.
Tim, Manny, Gary, Jason and Andrew standing around after getting shot out.

Our group in between games. This is a mask on area.

Gilly crouched on lower course.
Gilly crouched down shooting through the center east to west.

Gilly laying low, right before he gets gogged.  Even with his foliage colored CCM it wasn’t enough to protect him from the opposite team. Not sure who shot him?

Tim and Arlyn.
Mr. Paintball Tek enjoying the festivities with Arlyn.

Tim, obviously not obeying most basic fire safety protocol, hanging with Arlyn.  Common sense would typically discourage one from smoking a cigar in an area where the entire “jungle floor” is comprised of dried paper thin eucalyptus leaves.

Find more info on this years game at:

And a couple videos. First our New Years Game 2013:

And our New Years Game 2012

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