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Automag Level 5 Breech

Automag Level 5 Breech from side

Yesterday Derek at Jones Gun Works was encouraging me to post more identification trivia.  Found a piece that might be slightly difficult to identify. 


What is this part?

Edit: Don Howard was the first to identify this part as an Automag Level 5 AGD Automag Breech.  Glen Chon was second.

Automag Level 5 Breech BottomThe Breech is threaded on the front and the back so it can be switch from Left to Right Feed. 

Automag Level 5 Breech top view

William Kapes also pointed out that the Automag Level 5 Breech detents were made from cut down regulator seals. 

Kapes writes:
“The early ones had the steel breech inserts. The barrels were shorter obviously and basically had a ring cut for the pin and two gaps for the pin to slide into the slot. You’d push the barrel in and turn it until you found the slot then rotate it a bit to lock it in place. But it wasnt like it indexed into a specific spot so the barrel could kinda rotate around. And if memory serves they new breech/barrel was lvl6. Level 7 was when they went to soldered on powertube. The old ones had a c-clip and you could remove the power tube from the front of the valve. My oldest mag was level 6, had the new style body and barrel but I had it upgraded and the power tube soldered in later.”

Read the replies on facebook for some more great information.

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