Arrow Precision / Sterling / Proline

Parts Planet Eclipse Sterling with MDS Frame

An Eclipse Sterling modified by Planet Paintball out of the UK (which would become Planet Eclipse). Shown mocked up with an Marcus Davis Supplies frame.

Bad Boyz Toyz Brass Rat Valve – 1996

A look at an early brass Bad Boyz Toyz Rat vale that sold off the site and an article from Paintball Sports International on the valve.

Sovereign 1 with modifications by G3PB

A neat British Racing Green Sovereign 1 modified by G3PB with a Bob Long frame likely modified by John Gross at the Florida Paintball Center.

Belsales Team Sniper 2 with Ric De La Cruz

Ric De La Cruz talks about a Belsales Sniper 2 that was modified for the WGP sponsored team, Bart's Stud Squad and some of the unique features on it.

2 Early G&H Stock Class Sterlings, one Carterized

Dale "Sugarstump" Price's stock class G&H Sterling is convertible between rock forward or rock back and Fernando Castillo classic rock forward Sterling.

Breaking down two Sovereign LPRs (Low Pressure Regulators)

I broke down two Sovereign LPRs to look at the internals, find compatible seals and compare them.

Fernando Castillo’s Carter Machine Sterling

A photo of Fernando Castillo's sterling which is cut in the typical Carter Machine milling style and has a neat press fit barrel.

An empty Eclipse Sterling body, awaiting a rebuild

An Eclipse Sterling I found a couple years back. The rest of the gun was stock so I parted it out and am looking for better parts.

Auto Sterling article c.95 from French ‘Paintball Mag’

A new products article about the Auto Sterling reshot from a 1995 French Magazine, Paintball Mag. Possible the only published photos of the Auto Sterling?

Sterling Auto-Rocker Semi Automatic

A great find from across the Pond, a Sterling Auto-Rocker kit which turns the pump Sterling into a Semi Automatic.

Stock Class Sterling body and Pro Teams Frame

A stock class sterling body imported from NZ and a Pro Teams Benchmark Sterling Frame.

Identifying Carter Machine Autocockers

Carter Machine Autocockers came in many styles and designs. Some mods were for performance and others for aesthetics. In this write up I list what I've found.

Sovereign to Autococker barrel thread adapter

A neat custom adapter that allows a Sovereign semi auto to take the barrel from an Autococker. Shown on a customized Bad Boyz Toyz Sovereign.

Eclipse Advertisement Scanned from 9-1998 PGI

An Eclipse ad showing Autocockers, Angels, Automags, Sterlings and Sovereigns. All with the special Eclipse touches which make them so desirable 16 years later.

Shooting a Planet Eclipse Sovereign 1

In this quick video I shoot and show off a very nice Planet Eclipse modified Sovereign 1.

Sovereign Stainless vs Brass Ram Collars

Sovereign 1 Brass vs Sovereign 2 Stainless Ram Bolt Collars shown together on a Sovereign 1 ram bolt.

A G&H sterling part failure

Green GH Sterling i was adding to inventory. When I aired it up it leaked out the valve. Notice the crack!