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Front Line shirt from Chuck Link of Paladin / TN Grim Reapers


This is the first of many items I will be posting that Chuck Link of the ”TN Grim Reapers” and ”Paladin” has been sending me. A classic Front Line Magazine shirt!

Chuck wrote me the following regarding this shirt:
”The Frontline t-shirt was actually given to me when I started playing in 1988 by the guy that got me started playing on a team level, and that ran a local field here. His name is Jerry ”Big Daddy” Edwards, and he had outgrown it (not sure when/how he got it, but I know he had Frontline magazines at his house laying around, I remember seeing them).
That was my first ”paintball” t-shirt….so I kept it all these years, even when I also outgrew it and it had seen too many washings to continue to hold up to them.

”Big Daddy” played for the TN Grim Reapers 15 man paintball team, and invited me along to one of their practices…I joined up with them soon after, and later we were on the Paladin paintball team together as well.”

This is the second example of a Front Line shirt I have seen, the other is owned by Gilbert Martinez and was given to him after some field reporting he did for Frontline in the mid 80s.

Other items Chuck has been sending me which I will be posting and scanning include Masters programs, PCRI newspapers and a large assortment of patches relating to teams and fields associated with the Mid South Paintball Association (MSPA). Chuck participated in the MSPA from 1989 till the mid 2000s.

According to Guy Cooper, ”Front Line was actually the second magazine produced.”

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