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A Bizarre Electronic Framed Autococker with an engraved reg

Neat classic cocker package I picked up off ebay for the included powerlyte frame. Bizzare lpr mounting for a standard cocker (similar to a Rudy Dean Cocker) . The lpr hole in the front is plugged.

Electronic Framed Autococker from Ebay
Electronic Framed Autococker from Ebay

I was excited to win this auction on ebay because it included a Powerlyte hinge frame that I can set up on one of my Powerlyte Autocockers. This package also included a few surprises. 

One of those neat unexpected touches was the B and M engraving on the Regulator!

B and M engraved Air America Unireg
B and M engraved Air America Unireg

“Losing Sucks”. Closer examination reveals engraving on the unireg.
Here is a B&M tank with Losing Sucks mask anodized onto the side:

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