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Paintball Stats – World Paintball Federation Quarterly Report – 1991

Last weekend, at Spring Pump Event West, Gilbert Martinez brought me a gift, The World Paintball Federation Quarterly Report for the Second and Third Quarters of 1991.

The World Paintball Federation Stat book for 2-3 quarters 1991
The World Paintball Federation 2nd and 3rd Quarters 1991 Stat book

Published by Steve Davidson, of http://68caliber.com , he gave this copy to Gilly as Davidson was making an effort to get team more involved in submitting their statistics and keeping track of their record. At the time Gilly was Captain of the California Bushmasters.

This statistics book is around 290 pages long (a quick count and not exact since there aren’t printed page numbers on it) and covers the statistics for over 100 teams, tracking wins, losses, penalties, who matches were against and pretty much complete tournaments scoring during the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 1991.

WPF 2nd and 3rd Quarters 1991 stat book covers the following 10 man events:
“American AirGun Games 10 Man
Bay City Open
Line SI Masters 10 Man
Pennsylvania Cup
Windy City Open”

And the following Five Man Events:
“Line SI Masters 5 Man
Sgt Yorks 5 Man
Sgt Yorks 5 Man Winter
Skirmish Winter 5 Man
VA Badlands 5 Man”

California Bushmasters 1991 2nd and 3rd quarter stats
10 man stats for the California Bushmasters in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 1991 (Click to enlarge). Stats compiled by Steve Davidson of http://www.68caliber.com


It is really incredible the amount of time Davidson spent creating this book and I’m really excited to be able to reference it for upcoming articles on teams.

I asked Steve Davidson about the WPF stat books and he had this to say:
“I started the NPSRS which morphed into the [World Paintball Federation] and was eventually folded into NPPL.”

Davidson went on to write:
“[The World Paintball Federation Quarterly Report] was supposed to be a quarterly report type thing but [I] only published 3 issues as no one was willing to support it financially – and shortly after that it was moot as the idea was that those functions (stats) would be folded into and supported by NPPL.  Three quarterly reports were published during the, I think, 90-91 season.  the NPPL meeting took place in 1992 as a direct consequence of publishing those stats.”

So Davidson tracked the statistics In an effort to make tournament statistics and points more uniform but since he was unsuccessful in establishing standards in already existing tournaments the next route was to coordinate with the teams a league with uniform stats and rules.

I’ll be posting more from the WPF in upcoming article.  Thanks to Gilbert Martinez for the record book and Steve Davidson for the thorough record keeping. And if anyone has an extra copy of one of the other WPF reports I would love to add them to my collection!

Stats scanned from World Paintball Federation Quarterly Report, Second and Third Quarters, 1991. Published by Steve Davidson /WPF Publications 1992.  Find Davidson on 68Caliber.com

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