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Youngblood and Russell Maynard at Borderlands

Here’s a photo that Colin Thompson sent me of Dave ‘Youngblood’ Dehaan (center), Russell Maynard (right) and another Paintball Connection employee (left).
Does anyone recognize the guy on the left from Paintball Connection?

Left to right: Unknown, Dave 'Youngblood' Dehaan, Russell Maynard Photo by Colin Thompson
Left to right: Unknown, Dave ‘Youngblood’ Dehaan, Russell Maynard                   Photo by Colin Thompson

Colin told me this photo was taken at Barry’s field, Borderlands, in San Diego. Does anyone know Barry’s last name?

Russell Maynard (who unfortunately past away last month in his early 60s) can be seen wearing a Paintball Hill T-Shirt. Colin and Russell were working at Paintball Connection, in San Diego, during the week at the time and on the weekends Russell ran the paintball fields at Camp Pendleton.

I forgot to ask Colin what year this photo was from but I would guess 91 or 92?

I’ll eventually have a few quick videos on Russell’s many paintball accomplishments. Bob Fowlie told me to try and do some interviews with Russell a year or so back but I got side tracked and I’ll always regret not meeting him.
David Freeman, Gilbert Martinez and Colin Thompson all have told me how Russell really was one of paintball unsung heros and it’s a shame there isn’t a better write up on Russell online.

There is one video I could find of Russell. It was posted to youtube a couple years back by Ray Gong of Top Gun Paintball New Jersey. The footage is from the New Jersey legal proceedings to keep paintball legal in NJ.

And for more on Paintball Hill checkout this series of videos imported from a classic VHS (thanks Tony Meno):

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  1. Hi there. My last name is Orinia and I was the owner of Borderland Paintball Park. I. Couldn’t agree with you more about Russell. He had a major impact on the sport of Paintball and his contributions to game and the industry should never be forgotten.

    • Barry, a year late but I just found out about Russell. How are you? If you ever see this, plz contact me… getting nostalgic in my old age. Jim 817.579.5471

  2. Quote:

    “David Freeman, Gilbert Martinez and Colin Thompson all have told me how Russell really was one of paintball’s unsung heros and it’s a shame there isn’t a better write up on Russell online.”

    This is very true. This short blurb from the Ford Report shows just a glimpse of all the different facets of paintball he touched. He will be missed.


    “Today is a very sad day for me and the paintball world….. Russ Maynard has passed away after fighting a battle with colon cancer. Russell had been involved with paintball with some of the pioneers in paintball, John Gregory and Marty Tripes with JT, Dave Youngblood with Dye, Starting APG magazine with Jessica Sparks, fighting for paintball with Ray Gong…”
    (4/2/14 – edited so Ford’s entire article wasn’t posted but it is a good write up on Maynard and one of the only articles I saw online so please check it out. -Dan)


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