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Wasaga Beach Blitz ’94 photos from Keith Collins and Jason Ott

Here is a batch of photos from the Wasaga Beach Paintball Adventure “Beach Blitz ’94” tournament. These photos were sent by Jason Ott of The Alliance and Keith Collins of the California Bushmasters, both players participated in this event.

Wasaga Beach Blitz '94 Flags
Two flags from the Wasaga Beach Paintball Adventure Beach Blitz ’94.
Image courtesy of Jason Ott

Below are California Bushmaster photos that Keith Collins of the Bushmasters sent me.

Bushmasters and ref
Ref and Bushmaster Players
Left to right: Ref, Gilbert Martinez, Keith Collins, Tommy Russell(Correct me if I’m wrong on this one guys).
Image courtesy Keith Collins

Bushmaster player, Bill Ward writes regarding the above photo:
“Somebody thought this picture was staged when they saw it. Bummer was just really good at capturing the action. Great pics Keith!! I sure miss playing with this crew”

Bushmasters take 1st
The California Bushmasters with their first place trophies at Wasaga Beach. Can someone tell me why Robert is shooting a Z-1?
Left to right:
Keith Collins, field owner Steve behind him, Robert Calderone, ? behind, Gilbert Martinez, Tommy Russell.
Image courtesy Keith Collins

Bill writes:
“These were first place prize. they decided right before the award ceremony to give the Automags away for the sportsmanship award which was great in hinsight. Can you see the joy on rob’s face?”

Bushmasters with worrgame banner
Left to right:
Tommy Russell, Billy Ward, Gilbert Martinez, Robert Calderone, Keith Collins and Tracy Thomas
Image courtesy Keith Collins


Bushmaster players
The California Bushmasters standing in front of the score board at the 1994 Wasaga Beach Tournament.
Keith Collins writes:
“L to R: Keith Collins, Tommy Russell, Bill Ward, Tracy Thomas, Gilbert Martinez, Robert Calderone. The field owner (Steve?) and his wife? are in the middle.” Photo courtesy Keith Collins.

Below are photos of The Alliance at Wagaga Beach Blitz ’94.

Team Alliance
Team Alliance at the Wasaga Beach Paintball Adventure, Beach Blitz ’94.
Left to right (correct me on this one):
Jason Ott, Brian Davis, Jason Lanzer, ?, ?, Ed Whalen (?), ?
Image courtesy of Jason Ott


Alliance on the field
Team Alliance
Left to Right:
Jason Lanzer, Jason Ott, Brian Davis, Ed Whalen , Jason Prekopa.
Not pictured but also members of Alliance at “certain stages” were:
Mark Limric, John “Bummer” Markusic and Brian Lesher.
Image courtesy of Jason Ott


Brian Davis with Autospirit
Here is another picture provided by Jason Ott.

The photo above of Jason’s teammate on The Alliance, Brian Davis,at Wasaga Beach ’94, is probably the only photo I’ve seen of a player using a LAPCO AutoSpirit.

Davis is playing with a Lapco AutoSpirit semi auto, which was owned by various members of Alliance at times.

Jason Ott pulling the flag
Jason Ott pulling one of the two flags seen in the next picture at Beach Blitz ’94.
Image courtesy of Jason Ott


Jason Lanzer with custom mincocker
Jason Lanzer with an early grey WGP Minicocker. At Beach Blitz ’94.
Image courtesy of Jason Ott


Another photo of Jason Lanzer with an early grey WGP Minicocker. At Beach Blitz '94. Image courtesy of Jason Ott
Another photo of Jason Lanzer with an early grey WGP Minicocker. At Beach Blitz ’94.
Image courtesy of Jason Ott

Find this album of Keith and Jason’s photos on facebook at:

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  1. This was a fun event. It was my first finals appearance in competitive paintball. I have many fond memories of my time with The Alliance. I have more to add to this article specifically, but I also have lots more to add to you site that I think you would be interested in. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. I think your site is great and would love to contribute! Thanks, Ed Whalen, formerly of The Alliance and OBR (Ohio Black Reign).


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