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Vintage Nelson Paintballs in Cardboard tubes

Two boxes of old Nelson Paintballs. I think this style predates the metal Nelson paint tubes but came after the Tin Paintball cans from Nelson. The sides are marked for use in “the 007 and 707.”
As I wrote on facebook, theĀ 707 is a bolt action pistol that Nelson released before the 007. I’ve been unable to figure out the exact date of release but according to Tim McMurray it was likely built by the Palmer Chemical and Equipment Company (not to be confused with Palmer’s Pursuit Shop).

Palmer Chemical and Equipment Company out of Douglasville Georgia also built the Crosmans based tranquilizer pistols which use similar parts.

I have a video of Tim McMurray explaining this which I’ll eventually edit. I’ll post a 707 photo today.
Nelson oil based paintballs

Find this post on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=575768822517097

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