Tony Meno

Skip Swift of SwiftLine, an early Autococker Innovator

Skip Swift, of Swift Line Industries was one of the original East Coast Sniper 2 and Autococker innovators in the early 1990s. In the years after the introduction of the Autococker he worked on Bob Long and the Ironmen's paintball guns. He also produced parts and accessories in the early 1990s out of Connecticut.

Razorback style Pacific Paintball Autococker c.1994

A short video and closer look at a 1994 Pacific Paintball Autococker likely cut by Chris Haggin.

Pacific Paintball & Supply featured in APG, January 1993

A scan from the January 1993 issue of Action Pursuit Games gives a small write up on Pacific Paintballs operation at the end of 1992.

Chris Van Horn’s Foxhunters’ Receipt for a 1993 Phantom

Christian Van Horn sent me this photo of a receipt for this 93 phantom from Foxhunters paintball in Castro Valley, California.

Identifying Carter Machine Autocockers

Carter Machine Autocockers came in many styles and designs. Some mods were for performance and others for aesthetics. In this write up I list what I've found.

Outta Control Patch – c. early 1990s

An Outta Control patch that Glenn Palmer had from the early to mid 90s. And Tony Meno adds some details on the players of Outta Control.

Store Wars III at Paintball Hill, 1992

20 minutes of footage from the 1992 Store Wars game at Paintball Hill in Pope Valley California.

Have you experienced a Worrgasm lately? T Shirt c.~1993?

Tony Meno, of Pacific Paintball, sent in photo of a shirt that Brad Nestle, of Barritz Paintbal, designed which read, have you experienced Worrgasm lately?

Blue Jeff Orr Custom Sniper 3

A neat custom Sniper 3 supposedly cut by Jeff Orr and debuted at the 94 masters then sold to Chris Haggin of Pacific Paintball.

Pacific Paintball Patches

Two Pacific Paintball Patches from Tony Meno from the early 90s. These were from before Pacific became known as KAPP.

Billy Wing Minicocker from Pacific Paintball

Billy Wing confirmed he did the work on this Pacific Paintball / Kapp Minicocker from the mid 90s.