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Razorback style Pacific Paintball Autococker c.1994

This Pacific Paintball Autococker appeared on the North Bay ( Sonoma and Napa County) craigslist in 2006, being sold by the original owner, Sean Foote. Sean had this cocker posted for for 600 dollars and listed the following upgrades in his ad:

•Trigger Job
•Upgraded 3-Way
•Upgraded Regulator
•Upgraded Bolt
•Slim Block
•Colored Tubing
•Upgraded Pistol Grip
•Stainless Steel Parts
•Ball Detent
•Custom Machining
•Expansion Chamber
•Spring Kit
The milling was done by a past employee of Pacific Paintball. It is not perfect and everything in the package has been used – so if you are looking for a factory gun I suggest you look elsewhere.

Left side of Pacific Paintball Autococker.
Left side of Pacific Paintball Autococker.

I contacted Sean when he original posted this Autococker for sale, but his asking price was more then I wanted to spend at the time and he wasn’t looking to go any lower so I missed the chance to purchase it. 

A few years later (2009?), this Pacific Paintball Autococker popped up again, this time for sale on mcarterbrown by the second owner who purchased it locally in Sonoma County from Sean. I met up with the second owner and purchased it the next day. This seller had installed a pump kit on it but (luckily!) kept the original parts.

Right side of Pacific Paintball Autococker.
Right side of Pacific Paintball Autococker. With Pacific Paintball Barrel Plug.

I sent photos to Tony Meno, Shop Manager and early Airsmith at Pacific to see if he remembered this cocker or the original owner.

Tony replied back, remembering this cocker being built around December 1994, right before he left Pacific (early 1995).
Based on the serial I’m guessing it was originally a Sniper 2 that was converted to an Autococker or one of the first batch of cockers from Worr Game Products.

Pacific Paintball right side close up.
Close up on the Right side cocking serrations.

Tony wrote back to me:
“Yeah, I remember that gun, actually.  I’d guess it was built, hmm, around december of 1994, or so. 
This gun was built during a time where Richard, Chris and I were getting on each others nerves (me on theirs, I guess) and they began pushing me and my work to the side.

Chris got tired of me saying over and over “But it doesn’t WORK any better”
and kept pushing color, and flash.  You can tell it was Chris who did the
work, as he liked to cut the top of the feed tube, which I didn’t like to
do.  THAT and the “smear” of chips in all the cuts…Chris never really did
manage to get the right cutting speed.  Those are called “Cocking
Serrations” but most of the kids that came through [Pacific Paintball] called them shark
gills, etc.
I knew Sean. He was a nice guy back then.”

Close up of Left side of this Pacific Paintball cocker.
Left side close up of this Pacific Paintball cocker.

As far as I can tell, most of the aftermarket parts on this Autococker were added with it was built, so it serves as a great reference for what Pacific Paintball might have used around 1994. The parts listed with manufacturers are below:
•Air America – Expansion chamber
•Wood Grips (might have been added a couple years later by Foote?) – Smart Parts
•Beavertail – Not sure who made this style beaver tail.
•After market bolt – Carter Machine
•LPR Rock Regulator – Palmers
•Back Block – Pro Team Products?
ªBottomline – Likely Lapco
•Brass Ball Detent – Cooper T

Carter Machine Bolt in this Pacific Paintball Autococker.
Carter Machine Bolt in this Pacific Paintball Autococker.

And to expand on Foote’s list of upgraes above, the barrel is a stock WGP Bull Barrel, match anodized. The switch arm likely had the oring grooves deepened by Pacific, the trigger plate has been worked on, the trigger shoe is polished and I added the Brass Rock Reg Adjuster cap at some point when I saw it sitting around. It originally just had an allen screw.

Top Sight rail cut, similar to a later KAPP Razorbacks.
Top Sight rail cut, similar to a later KAPP Razorback c.1999.

In the video above I just repeat some of his history but I’ll eventually rebuild this cocker and shoot it.

And here is Tim Firpo of Paintball Tek dot com shooting a more modern KAPP Razorback Autococker (c.1999-2000?):

Find more on Pacific Paintball on old news at:

And KAPP at:

Close look at "Shark Gills," likely cut by Chris Haggin.
Close look at “Shark Gills,” likely cut by Chris Haggin.

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