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Blue Jeff Orr Custom Sniper 3

Here is a quick look at a neat WGP Sniper 3 I purchased off craigslist in 2009 from a seller in Pennsylvania. I updated this description on May 19th, 2014 after looking over old emails and notes to include notes from the seller, David Scull and a quote from Keith Roll.

Unique features on this Sniper 3 are:
•No serial number
•Pump arm hole is drilled through the body
•Body is a block that lacks many of the cuts a standard sniper 3 body would have (I say square in the video but mean rectangular).
•Anodized a flawless bright blue (Azure blue)
•Matched barrel, body, back block and asa

Upon receiving this pump from the seller I found a patch in the package for the northern California field, Paintball Hill included.

classic paintball hill patch


I asked the seller where he received the patch from and who did the work on the Sniper 2 and the seller, David Scull told me that he originally purchased this Sniper 3 from a shop in Santa Rosa California, (about 30 minutes from where I grew up in Northern California).

Scull wrote, “Can’t remember the shops name off the top of my head, got it in Santa Rosa, CA around 1992 or so.” Scull said he purchased the Sniper before he moved back east in 1994.
He went on to say, “I was told at the time that one of the Orr sons did it himself, not sure if it’s true.”

Blue Sniper 3 right side

I figured that if the shop was in Santa Rosa then David likely purchased the Sniper III from Pacific Paintball (KAPP or Kick Ass Paintball).

I asked Tony Meno, who was Store Manager at Paintball hill in the early 90s and this is what Tony wrote back to me about this Sniper:

“Very cool…that blue sniper was made by Jeff Orr and was sold to Chris Haggin in about 1993. I clearly remember the day it came on UPS. I’ve played with it…My only beef was the lack of a sight rail to aim with. Chris played with it at Storewars in ’94 IIRC. Man does that bring back some memories. I can’t believe Chris sold that gun. That was a very one-off gun. Oh well, guns were pretty much like toilet-paper to him. That’s worth holding on to.”

Blue Sniper 3 hidden pump rod

It’s pretty neat that this pump would be made in Southern California, sold to Chris Haggin at Pacific Paintball in Northern California, move to Pennsylvania with its owner and then make it’s way back to Northern California to be in my collection.

Left side of Blue Sniper 3

Update May 18, 2014;
Recently Keith Roll, commented on the youtube video above that Bud Orr showed him this Sniper III at the Masters.
Roll writes, “I remember Bud showing me that gun at the Masters.” After thinking about the exact date Keith wrote me:
“It was [the] 93 Masters the more I think about it…[Bud] sent me my gun in May, [1993] and I met him that October in Nashville for the first time. He told me Jeff built [the blue Sniper 3] but Jeff wasn’t there that year I don’t think.”

It could have been that Bud premiered this Sniper at the 94 masters, sold it to Chris Haggin there who played with it briefly at the 94 Store Wars and then sold it to David Scull soon after.

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